marzo 30, 2023 4:00 pm Sala Quetzal

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Slide presentation and conversation with Mary Jane Miller «Women in Icons: Emerging Voices»

Thursday March 30th. 4:00pm, Sala Quetzal


The portraits of women in religious art and the subtle visual message has influenced societies for centuries. Author and artist Mary Jane Miller, internationally recognized iconographer and author, will offer a slide lecture of her work, followed by a discussion on women and how they have been absent in religious art. She will explore why women’s identity and portraits have been limited as either too saintly or sexual. Slideshow examples will present her contemporary icon images and the stories behind them, including works published in her book, “In Light of Women…One Woman’s Journey with Icons”. Her three decades of experience as an icon painter give her a wealth of insight to share through what has been a male-dominated tradition.

Miller is a self-taught iconographer with over three decades of experience, born in New York and living in San Miguel Allende full-time for decades. Her work is extraordinarily rich in style and has been exhibited in Museums and churches in both the United States and Mexico. As an author, Miller writes luxuriously, blending historical content, and personal insights to arrive at contemporary conclusions about faith.


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