Teatro Santa Ana

May 15, 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Teatro Santa Ana

As part of an effort to promote and show México’s musical heritage richness to the rest of the world, Lili Nogueras (soprano), Maricarmen Larregui (pianist) , Andres Tapia (tenor) and Javier San Vicente (baritone) have prepared this concert as part of a series of performances in the Bajío Region that alternate different songs from the twentieth century Mexican composers such as María Grever, Alfonso Esparza Oteo, Ricardo Palmerín, Agustín Lara, Manuel M Ponce, looking to broaden the knowledge and joy of mexican music.

Mexico´s long and rich musical history is a reflection of the different periods by which the country has gone through. You will find beautiful and complex compositions from the viceregal, colonial, revolutionary, modern and contemporary periods and it goes way beyond and deeper from what we daily listen and at the same time are part of it.  

The most profound search of this efforts is the belief that through art it is possible to strengthen a national identity. Art as an important influencer into creating a mexican unity and pride. Art as a light leading into higher social conscience. 

Colores Vocales de México retakes its performances after the pandemic period and returns to stage, thrilled with the possiblilty of sharing again with the audience magic moments of personal immersion.  This concert is a compilation of songs from Mexico´s romantic XX Century period, where composers looked to create genuine Art Songs combining beautifully written lyrics with musical forms that some times were based on popular forms and some others influenced by world wide composers. 

The performance´s format is an intimate piano – voice dialogue, enhancing at all times the Song, its poetry and musical piano arrangements. The public and the musicians will have a close connection and together will experience a romantic getaway during a 60 minute lapse.

The concert Colores Vocales de Mexico, Canciones de Arte mexicanas, takes place on Saturday May 15th at 6 pm in the Santa Ana theatre  at Biblioteca Pública San Miguel Allende. Tickets are $300 pesos and can be purchased at Teatro Santa Ana´s box office. 

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