Teatro Santa Ana

June 23, 2021 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Patio de Biblioteca

Benefit Book Launch/Fiesta

Established in 1954, La Biblioteca found its present home in 1958. It ramped up ‘Attention’ in 1982 as well as the rural library program. There are 58,000 titles in the stacks and the mission is to:

“Provide, develop and maintain educational and cultural activities that contribute toward an integrated and harmonious community.” 

Deciding to remain in SMA to launch the novel ‘Walleye’, I could not think of a better place to hold the launch party and for the ‘Bib’ to be the recipient of ALL the proceeds. On Wednesday, June 23, from 4-7 PM, for a mere 300 pesos, attendees will receive a personalized signed copy of the novel, a beer or glass of wine, followed by a short reading and entertainment from Keko Kornejo, Woody Price and a follow-on cash bar. This is possible because virtually everything is donated – the books, the entertainment, the venue and valuable time of all those who have helped. (Too many to mention).

A Canadian, I’m a father, sportsman, traveller, hopefully a good friend and former business executive who did a stint in the book business. First coming here in 1976/77, I now spend my time between San Miguel de Allende, Collingwood and my lakeside cabin.

The Walleye is the largest member of the perch family, named after its’ opaque, almost blind looking eye. The large reflective surface of the orb allows it to prey during the night.

The novel is an Eco Thriller set in Northern Ontario on Temagami, one of the worlds’ most beautiful lakes. An Eco Terrorist/Serial Killer is on the loose and long-time lake resident, Jack Alexander, the protagonist, is reluctantly drawn into the hunt. Not your average thriller, Walleye is issue driven and takes on environmental, indigenous, conservation and political matters. And of course, how could it be without some romance?

The setting is remarkable, the characters authentic. The work is very original and well paced. The denouement has never been done before in writing, the movies or TV. The novel is densely researched in order to achieve those attributes. Walleye has been a very long time in the works and I appreciate all the encouragement and help I received from folks here in San Miguel to just get my head down and finished it.

You know, I believe that everyone has a book in them. Find yours and I hope you enjoy mine.

By the way, Jacks’ next perilous adventure takes place right here in San Miguel.

Tickets will be available at La Biblioteca, La tienda Tesoros, Teatro Santa Ana (Centro), Kennys’ Bar (Guadalupe), Bananas (Salida Celaya), Santos Café (Centro). Limited availability.