Teatro Santa Ana

The Chilean singer-songwriter has had an interesting introduction to the Mexican market, where he is based with the aim of expanding his musical project.



Benjamín Walker en vivo

Vie, Nov 26, 6:30pm

Teatro Santa Ana

Relox 50-A, Centro

290 pesos


Prior to the launch of his new album “Open Book”, at the beginning of December, the prominent singer Benjamin Walker announces the performance of shows in several cities of Mexico, especially at the Teatro Santa Ana in the city of San Miguel de Allende, the next Friday, November 26. This tour, which began on November 11, will have him visiting eight cities in Mexico, the country where he has been living since August, and then playing in Chile and for the first time in Argentina, at the Cosquín festival, Córdoba, in February.

“This tour makes me especially happy, because it is the last impulse to close this year well and to renew energy after everything that has happened with the pandemic,” says Benjamin. Along these lines, he adds that he is expectant about this reunion, since almost two years ago he has not played live with the public, “they are going to be dates in cities that are very important to me and that I miss a lot, but what has me more excited and restless is knowing how this relationship will take place after everything that has happened socially and personally with each one of us”, he says.

Regarding his presentations in Mexico, the artist points out that the experience will now be a little different, since he will be accompanied by his entire band. “Contrary to the first presentations, which we made newcomers to Mexico, the feeling is different, we have been able to adapt with the team and feel more at home”, confidence.

Likewise, he emphasizes that the concert in Argentina “is really the icing on the cake. I think people know that Argentine music is a direct influence on my songs. Starting to develop a relationship with the trans-Andean public is something that excites me a lot”, he declares.

The Benjamín Walker concert in San Miguel de Allende will be played on Friday, November 26 at 6:30 p.m., at the Teatro Santa Ana (ticket sales at https://teatrosantaana.org/tc-events/benjamin- walker /), or directly at the Theater box office.