Morelia International Film Festival (FICM): 2nd “Cinema for Everyone” tour.

By  Antonio Delgado.

Film “Fireflies”
Tuesday, November 09, 6pm.
Santa Ana Theater.
Relox 50A.
Free entrance.

Cinema for everyone emerged with the aim of revitalizing, through Mexican cinema, spaces dedicated to cultural promotion in their communities, in the difficult context of the crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic; in addition to continuing the work of FICM to promote the work and talent of Mexican filmmakers.

Cine Club “En Cartelera” is the official venue for the 2nd “Cine para Todxs” tour that began in July of this year and the tour is resumed after a short break with the showing of the film “Luciérnagas”.

The film “Fireflies” is directed and written by the Iranian director Khoshnoudi, Bani; It premiered at the FICM in 2018. The film deals with the issue of migration from an alternative perspective.

Director Bani is closely related to the issue of migration; Her family is native to the country of Iran, and they moved to the United States during the revolution movement that took place in their country of origin and settled in the state of Texas, she studied in Austin after the political situation improved, she returned to Iran where he had not returned since his childhood. Living between France and Iran, the director carried out photographic and cinematographic projects until in 2007 the post-production of a documentary brought her to Mexico. She found a country very similar to hers and the community of exiled artists who live in this Mexican nation caught her attention.

The film is about a young Iranian who escapes from his country and for unfortunate causes arrives in Veracruz; him without the possibility of leaving and with few opportunities to establish himself in this place. Romín the protagonist of the story is homosexual and added to his immigration status, he realizes that his adventure will be full of a series of events.

The director comments the following: I read an article in a Mexican magazine about an Iraqi rejected from the political asylum processes in Europe, who had arrived in Veracruz by boat, then I realized that something like this is possible. Nobody is going to believe it, but it can happen ”that’s how the idea of ​​the script was born. The director comments on the limitations and adversities that migrants present, she highlights the following: language barriers, lack of opportunities and immediate rejection by the authorities and the population; The director concludes “To make this film, I interviewed people who hadn’t changed their socks in a month. Despite having nothing, between them there was a deep communion with art, party and fun. People who have nothing and don’t know what their future holds sometimes have much more hope. They must have it ”.

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