Teatro Santa Ana

A leap into jazz and creation: Metate cenit in concert

Between travel, music, search and coincidences, the Metate cenit were found. This recently created formation explores music looking for its own sound through the language of jazz, interpreting songs by classical and modern composers of the slope, as originals.

Wed, July 7. 7pm
Teatro Santa Ana
Reloj 50

This quintet was born in San Miguel de Allende, this being the meeting point of the musicians that make it up, since they are all from different parts of the Mexican Republic.

Sergio Carrillo (double bass), Israel Chávez (drums), Carlos Vargas (piano), Rodrigo Rocha (tenor saxophone) and Alberto Robledo (tenor saxophone) are the five members of the Metate cenit, all of them with different artistic and musical interests, open to external voices and faithful to their own voice, ready to jump into the void in each presentation to find ephemeral and unrepeatable moments of musical creation.

Although the group is recent, all its members have an abundant trajectory of presentations in different forums of the town, in which they have addressed different musical genres such as swing, jazz, traditional music from different regions of the country and the world, music popular, etc., thanks to what they achieve a sound that contains the energy of different forms of sound expression from different cultures, managing to create rich and interesting music.

This musical exploration will be brought to the theater for the first time, with Santa Ana being the venue for this leap to creation and improvisation. The day will be Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. This day will be performed songs by composers such as Lennie Tristano, Dizzie Gillespie, Charles Mingus, John Scoffield and Dave Brubeck, as well as original compositions and arrangements by the band.

Due to the health contingency, the capacity of the theater will be 60 people and the entrance ticket will cost 300 pesos, which can be purchased at the theater box office or through the page www.teatrosantaana.org.

This concert will be a rich moment in which the public and the musicians will come together to create a new and unique experience in San Miguel de Allende. It will be suitable for all ages, anyone with open ears for this journey of musical introspection.